Asphalt Pavement:

Asphalt is one of the most widely used materials for roads and parking lots. It's easy to install and has a variety of options to sustain its value over time. For large areas such as roads or parking lots this makes it extremely cost effective when comparing it to other materials such as concrete. There are several methods to install asphalt pavement and it depends on whether its a new or an existing parking lot/road. Our expert project managers and estimators will help decide which methods fits for you! See below for some of our asphalt maintenance methods that we utilize to help you get the maximum value out of your asphalt pavement investment.


Asphalt Patching:

Without a proper asphalt pavement maintenance plan your parking lot/road will begin to break and fail over time. Luckily asphalt is one the easiest materials to repair when done correctly. Patching is a great method to fix areas on your property that have broken over time. At Penn Ohio we use our mini mills to remove existing broken pavement. It’s important mill down at least 2 inches to ensure that the asphalt has enough room to compact properly. We also tack the surface beforehand to help the asphalt bind to the existing surface. Lastly, we seal the edges of the patch to make sure the patch will remain overtime.